ARTICLE 1.-The present regulations have been authorized by the Secretary of Tourism, in the exercise of the faculties conferred by the articles 57 of the Federal Law of Tourism and 33, 42, Fraction VII of the regulations of Lodging Establishments, therefore this obligates the establishment named Del Mar Inn Playas de Rosarito, localizado en Blvd. Benito Juárez 22, Playas de Rosarito CP 22710, BC., and the guests that render its services to comply this regulation.

ARTICLE 2.-Every person and companion staying in this establishment must be registered in the registration cards, at the Front Desk.

ARTICLE 3.-The room must be vacated by 12:00 Noon, if not, amount of an extra day will be charged, to the guest´s folio.

ARTICLE 4.-The Management it is empowered by law, to cancel the lodging contract and ask to vacate the room to any guest who infringe Police or Sanitation Laws or commits any immoral act.

ARTICLE 5.-The Hotel is not responsible for any valuable or objects left in the room, nor for partial or total loss due to fires. Earthquakes or any Acts of God or the loss of luggage or objects property of the guests of others. The Hotel provides safety deposit boxes at the Front Desk. Guests are to register this requirement with the Hotel´s staff. Otherwise the Hotel cannot be held responsible for any loss, nor any valuables left in rooms.

ARTICLE 6.-The Management can enter any room at any time, in cases such as conflagration, delective acts, in the case of cleaning and maintenance of the room it will be made when the guest is out of the room, or with his/her consent. But in other case, the Management has the right to clean the room every day.

ARTICLE 7.-It is prohibited to celebrate in the Hotel rooms or any other chamber meeting reunions whose objective is to alter the public order or disobey law or regulations in force. The use on any musical instrument is prohibited, no animals are allowed. It is not allowed to bring food or alcoholic beverages from outside of the hotel. The Management reserves the right to end the lodging contract when any of the above mentioned prohibitions are violated in such case guest will have no right to any discount of the amount due for lodging or other services, having the obligation to pay any damages in the room.

ARTICLE 8.-The Management will not allow access to the guest rooms to the persons not registered at the Front Desk, in all cases the hotel reserves the right to prohibit visitors that may damage the Hotel´s image and/or guest´s integrity.

ARTICLE 9.-The Management reserves the right to demand immediate payment of the due for lodging and services, in case the amount is not paid, the Management will cancel the contract and hold guest luggage to guarantee payment.

ARTICLE 10.-When guests are absent from the Hotel for more than 24 hrs without notice the Front Desk, the Management reserves the right to cancel the contract and collect the luggage until an arrangement is settled being able at the same time to rent the room.

ARTICLE 11.-.Complying as stated in the Article 31st of the Regulations for Lodging Establishments, a copy of Internal Regulations is shown in the premises of your room.

ARTICLE 12.- The Hotel advises that parking lots within it are not assigned to rooms, therefore there is no exclusivity of the customer towards the parking box, also the Hotel is not responsible in case of damage, theft total or partial or any illicit on the vehicle within the facilities, therefore we encouraged the host to maintain properly closed his vehicle.

ARTICE13.-This Property has contracted a Liability Insurance for hotels, according to Federal Regulations NOM 07-TUR/2002. And NOM-010-TUR-2001 with Insurance Company INBURSA any comments or suggestions, you may inquire 24 hours a day, at Front Desk.


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